• Behaviour / Communication
    We will not tolerate : insulting, racism, mobbing.
    Only german or english are allowed for the general chat.
  • Naming
    Every player can chose their own „readable“ nickname within these borders :
    – No insulting, political, sexual or racist nicknames
    – No standard nicknames like – or Human or Mensch
    – Don´t name yourself Admin or Moderator
    – Only the latin alphabet is allowed and only up to two special characters.
  • Tribes
    Every player is forced to create a tribe when logging in for the first time. This tribe will synchronize with the full cluster.
    Please be aware :
    – If you join some other tribe on any map the owner of that tribe will own all of your structures and dinos clusterwide.
    – If you add someone to your tribe this person will have access to all of your bases clusterwide.
    – If a tribe owner is inactive for more than 1 month while 1 or more tribe members continue to play, these tribe members are entitled to the tribe. Open a support ticket for this.
  • Cheating / Hacking / Bugusing
    Cheating or Hacking is prohibited and will result a permanent ban.
    Using Bugs or Glitches is not welcome here. If you find any bugs please open a Helpticket and inform the admin. People found using bugs on purpose for personal advantage will be banned permanently.
  • Advertisment
    Advertising other servers and posting their IPs with the intention to entice players to that server is not allowed and will also cause a permanent ban.
  • Discord / Support
    Joining the Infiniti Discord is mandatory. We would like to make sure you read the rules and accept them.
    Also please use the Link-Ark funtion to allow the Admins to mark and inform you in Discord.
    Support is only granted via support ticket in Discord. Do not ask the Admins ingame or in a private chat.
    If an admin can’t reach you via Discord, he can temporarily ban you until you contact us via support ticket.
    The Voice Channels are for our Ark players only, so only Ark should be played.
  • No Dinos may be grabbed and thrown into other players bases.
  • Taiming and/or boss fights must not be disturbed. Agreements are possible.
  • Ninja looting is not allowed.
  • Throwing out Fertilized Eggs is not allowed. (no new egg spawn otherwise possible)
  • Please keep oil pumps and sap collectors open to share with other players.
  • It is also prohibited to gift dinos or equipment to other players to not destory the fun of the earlygame. If someone has issues taming something rather help with advice or support taming.
  • Lending a dino for breeding counts as gift as far as only one party benefits from it.
  • It is also forbidden to give away your stuff and dinosaurs if you no longer want to play in INFINITI. Merging tribes before you quit is also seen as giving away.
  • Reapers got to be killed or freed after impregnating. Offering a trapped Reaperqueen to others is prohibited.
  • On each map you can build one mainbase and one additional waterbase if the mainbase got no access to water.
  • Temporary structures like campfires or torches must be removed after finished using them.
  • Taming traps also must be removed after finishing the tame.
  • Reserving spots with foundations, pillars or teleporters is prohibited.
  • Resource spots may not be built on.
  • Building in and blocking player spawn regions is not allowed. Please move on to another spot after joining a server for the first time.
  • Lootcrates must be accessible for anyone.
  • Artefacts need to be accessible. Even if the cave got multiple entrances none of them is allowed to be closed.
  • The Obelisks and Boss Terminals must stay free of structures and dinos.
  • Building close to another base is prohibited. Please keep at least 150m distance to other players and make sure you got enough space around you for enhancing your base.
  • Decay Time: Each player gets 14 days of Structure Decay Time only after fulfilling three conditions: Discord Linking, 180 min playing time and 2 Tamed Dinos. Players who don’t have these requirements will be automatically wiped after 3 days offline . This helps us keep the maps clean from short-term visitors.
  • On our servers, the Tek engrams must be unlocked via boss fights. This game is not about finding other players who will kill the bosses for you and thus unlock the engrams for you.
  • It is strictly forbidden to invite fresh players in the cluster to boss fights, also to advertise bossfights in crosschat or discord.
  • Boss fights can only be done with players who are the same progress as you.
  • Excluded from this are the „Open World Bosses“, also known as „Server Events“. These do not unlock engrams and you are welcome to kill them together.
  • Extinction. It is forbidden to approach other players‘ boss fight. Keep your distance and defeat the titans alone or with your team. The above rule also applies here.
  • Genesis 1. It is enough if a player has reached the number of missions to summon the boss. Players who have not reached this number and want to join the boss should have completed a minimum number of missions.
    Minimum requirement for companions:
    -Gamma: 50 missions
    -Beta: 100 missions
    -Alpha: 150 missions
  • Do not produce structures for other people that don’t have the engrams yet. You can trade them on the Marktplatz map, though, as long as the price is not lower than in the main shop.
  • All teleporters outside of your base need to be set to public and named in a useful way, e.g. IceQueen, Metal, Obsidian, MissionTerminal, …
  • The teleporters inside of a base can be set to private, but must be named with the tribe name to make support for admins easier.
  • Unnamed teleporters are prohibited, no matter if they are inside of a base or set to private.
  • Teleporters may not be placed directly at artefacts or lootcrates. Please put the teleporter right outisde the cave entrance and name it properly (Lavacave, Metal, IceQueen …)
  • Fjordur: Only on this map do the teleporters need electricity and you can only set them up on your own base. Teleporters located in the parallel worlds (Joutenheim, Asgard or Vanaheim) must not be set to Public.
    The portals have a purpose and are meant to be used for travel between worlds.
  • Tek/Metal/Glass structures are not allowed.
  • Don’t build a base that looks like a box/cube shape, otherwise it will be removed.
  • If you didn’t take a resort room, make sure to build a nice base.
  • The map is under development, note that you might lose items or even your entire base during changes.
  • Currency = Glory Coins (GC)
  • How do I earn GC ?
    – By playing the game (amount x after each y minutes in the game)
    – Trading with other players in your personal shop.
    – Open World Bosse (Server Events)
    – Daily and weekly quests

    – By participating in Events as reward
    INFINITI ARK SHOP | If you are satisfied with INFINITI and would like to support the server, you can buy points from this shop to cover the hardware costs and monthly expenses.
  • Each player may open their own shop, the marketplace. To request a shop, open a ticket on our Discord server.
  • Shop owners must also comply with the Marketplace Shops Rules.
  • Dinos may only be placed on your own shops. The parking lot is not a retail space.
  • You can determine the minimum price of dinosaurs with the marketplace calculator. 
  • All dinos with a stat/value over 80 pts. may only be sold neutered. These also cannot be cloned due to the server settings.
  • You can use the marketplace calculator to calculate minimum prices for weapons, armour, saddles and tools.
  • Trading, exchanging or selling Blueprints for anything else is prohibited.
  • It is only allowed to sell on the marketplace via the shops.
  • All purchases/sales take place only via the terminal.
  • Selling outside of the market as well as below market value will result in fines or reset of glory coins/points.
  • The marketplace is part of this server and you must not negatively influence the sale of other players‘ goods. So I ask you not to give away your dinosaurs or anything else to other players.
  • The prices and rules can change depending on the economic situation, so please check regularly if anything has changed.
  • We would like to point out that items, armor, animals, etc., which are lost due to bugs, crashes, etc., will not be replaced.


Risk when changing server (map) in a cluster:

For all maps, a WorldSave (saving) is carried out every 15 minutes.
This saves the entire state of the map including your inventory.
If you switch from server, your inventory is not saved until the next save.
That means if you travel from Ragnarok to Fjordur, for example, and Fjordur crashes before the map has been saved after you were inside, your inventory will be lost.
Anything you bring with you is unsecured for up to 15 minutes!
In these cases, no matter what caused the server to stop (crashes, power outages, etc.), no items will be replaced.

If you do not agree with this, we ask you not to invest real money in our cluster.

Tek Shop Pin 1593


Don’t travel with important items if you can’t craft them again with blueprints.
Get a set of armor, weapons and dinos in the maps where you play the most and travel naked.

Thank you
Your admin/support team